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Turbo Cup Wheel (M14)


This heavy duty diamond cup wheel has a superior performance in grinding and shaping hard granite.
Feature: Fast grinding, No jumping, No vibration.
Available Grit: Coarse (40#/50#), Fine(120# /140#)
Available Diameter 4 (105mm)  



Snail Lock Grinding Stone (Dry grinding)


This black silicon carbide grinding stone is the best tool to remove the scratch after
shaping by diamond cup.
Feature: Fast grinding, No chipping and No jumping.
Available Diameter: 130mm
Available Grit Number: 24#; 36#; 60#;120#; 220# and 320#



PVA Spongy Wheel


This dry grinding abrasive disc is an ideal tool for use on 100mm angle grinders for edge grinding and polishing of marble and tiles.
Feature: lightweight and No chipping
Available: 4(100mm) Centre hole: 16mm
Available Grit Number: 36#, 60#, 120#, 220# and 400#



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