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Conditions of Sale and Delivery
  We offer a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our products, just
send back the used items and we will give you a refund or a replacement.
No matter where you are, in Australia or oversea, we are looking forward to providing products and service to you, simply, just send us a email or fax, let us know your interest, we will contact you to confirm what you need, and offer you the
advice as well. Once you organize the payment, we guarantee the soonest delivery.

So, if you need diamond tools, give us a try. Our products are top quality and we
guarantee their performance.


Full Range of Saw Blades display in the shop front

Show room:     28 Enterprise Avenue, Padstow N.S.W. 2211 Australia

Phone: 61-2-9773 8983          Fax: 61-2-9773 3332

Email: info@winteam.com.au
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