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About Winteam International Pty Ltd
  We are one of the major Sydney industrial diamond tools Wholesale Distributor
in Australia, specializing in providing professional quality diamond cutting, drilling
grinding and polishing tools for the stone fabrication and building industry.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and professional services. We
realize material and working condition are different from area to area around
the World, and we believe that Australia is one of the countries which has the
toughest concrete cutting condition in the World, and the most quality demand in tools in the Stone Industry as well. In order to develop the most suitable diamonds tools for Australian market, in the past many years, we have been gone through numerous testing. We use only the best diamond and technology to ensure that our
products can meet the tough conditions faced every day in the industries with lower
cost. So we can say that all products listed in this website are proven by the market,
some of them are the top selling items in the market.

After you view our website, you may realize that we are different from other suppliers, as we only list and offer the products that the market needs most in their industries. That is our real market experience. Of course, if you need something special, we can help too. If you are in Australia, you are welcome to visit our showroom in Sydney for more information.

So, if you need diamond tools, give us a try. Our products are top quality and we
guarantee their performance.


Full Range of Saw Blades display in the shop front

Show room:     28 Enterprise Avenue, Padstow N.S.W. 2211 Australia

Phone: 61-2-9773 8983          Fax: 61-2-9773 3332

Email: info@winteam.com.au
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