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High Performance Hard Brick Blades


Style: Segmented and Turbo/segmented.
Feature: excellent performance in very hard brick such as hard clay bricks, hard clay pavers.  

Available in: 14 & 16 laser welded with 10mm diamond depth.


Sandwich Silent Hard Brick Blades


Feature: less noise, better for environment.
Available in: 14 with 10mm diamond depth.


Silent Concrete Block Blades

Feature: Fast cut, Less Noise.
Available: 14& 20" with 8mm & 9mm diamond depth


General Purpose Blades


Designed for soft brick, sandstone, concrete block and normal pavers.
Feature: long working life
Available in: 12, 14 and 16



Economic Masonry Blades


Feature: High Performance on most material with low cost
Available: 14 with 7mm diamond depth


Full Range of Saw Blades display in the shop front

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